This size unit yields 10 square meters of space. They are an excellent size to store items for 2 bedroom apartment or house.

2.5 m (width) x 4 m (length) x 3 m (height)

This size unit yields a total of 18 square meters of space, perfect for storing of a 3/4 bedroom house (depending on the size of the items and extras like a garage or outside furniture). You can also store a car or double cab SUV 

3 m (width) x 6 m (length) x 3 m (height)
(some units are higher)

This 21 square meters unit should hold all your items! It is ideal for storing a 4/5 bedroom house with garage contents

3 m (width) x 7 m (length) x 3 m (height)
(some units are higher)

With 36 square meters of space, this large unit can typically store the contents of a 5/6 bedroom house with garage contents. This is also perfect for more for commercial use such as stock and your business inventory.

3 m (width) x 12 m (length) x 3 m (height)
(some units are higher)

This is the perfect space for your unused stock or business inventory, with the capacity of 4 single garages

6 m (width) x 12 m (length) x 4 m (height)
(some units are higher)