The first thing you need to consider is which self-storage facility to use. It’s always best to remember that you’re planning on storing your own stuff in the facility and would like it to come back to you one day in the condition you left it in. If you’re unsure, come visit our self storage facility in Bloemfontein before you choose. By the time you make your choice you should be confident of the following:

  • The self-storage facility has put in place adequate security measures.
  • You can access your self-storage unit when you want to.
  • The units on offer in the self-storage facility are the right size for you and could cope with any future needs you might have to increase or decrease the space you rent.
  • The self-storage facility offers units that will suit the goods you want to store – for example, if you’re storing valuable items you want an enclosed unit with concealing walls so that nobody can see what’s inside.
  • The storage units are tidy and well-maintained – professional self-storage facilities are well kept and clean.
  • Pest control shouldn’t be an issue – the self-storage facility should be able to tell you what types of measures they take – the last thing you want is vermin lodging in your belongings.
  • The contract small print of the self-storage facility has no hidden surprises.
  • If you’re planning on storing a large amount, check that the self-storage facility has adequate access for the removal vehicle you’ve chosen. Many self-storage sites don’t have the space or access for large removal trucks.